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Adapt and prosper

Real solutions for SME's

Someone, apparently not Einstein, said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned it is that success is determined by agility. Yes, processes and structure are much needed in a business, but the ability to recognise change in your industry, target market, a competitor’s behaviour or consumer trends is vital.

We are all specialists in our own right. At Konsortium Solutions we help SME’s who are willing to change by providing them with a team of brand strategists, digital foot print specialists, designers, copywriters and more – professionals who have the skills and tools needed to help other businesses see a difference in their bottom line. We are like you, so we understand your budget constraints, challenges, fears and thrills. Our value does not lie in our words, services or good intentions. Our value lies in the journey we’ve endured and the lessons we’ve learned and our ability to apply that knowledge to help you with your individual needs.

Get a strategy

As an entrepreneur you may have a great idea or product to sell, but you don’t know which channels are the most effective to reach your specific target market with.

You need a brand strategist to formulate a brand strategy that is unique to your needs and budget.


Tell your story

Every brand has stories to tell. Don’t settle for mediocre photos or poorly written copy to grab the attention of your visitors and potential clients. Let us help you capture visual and written experiences that others will find relevant and can relate to – whether it’s through a logo, letterhead, brochure, presentation, website design or billboard.


Establish your presence

Do you have a website? Does it show up on the first page when people search for it? Do you have specific keywords associated with your brand? Are other websites referring traffic to your site? How often are you changing the content on your site? If you don’t know the answer to thes questions you need a search engine optimisation specialist.

Expand your footprint

In order to grow, you must get leads. In order to get leads you must be seen. There are numerous ways for SME’s to advertise their products and services online. Whether it’s through Google Adwords, listings, banner ads or boosting your social content, with the right strategy and the help of an online media specialist you can increase your online conversions.

Establish your identity
Be unique. Be yourself. Build your dream.

Build credibility

Do you have a corporate identity?

We can create your:


Email signature


Presentation templates

Business cards

Company profile

Establish your presence

A website is the nucleus of your online presence. Own it.

Make it relevant

Whether you’ve never had a website before or want to upgrade your current site, we don’t simply build it and leave. The most important elements in establishing a brand and presence is relationship and trust. Which is why we stay in touch from inception to go live and beyond.  We understand user behaviour and how to make your brand relevant in an online environment.

Once your website is live we can either show you how to manage the content of the website yourself, or we can maintain the website for you. You don’t need to be a developer to own your online presence.

Your website will be:

Easy to maintain


Easy to upgrade


Expand your footprint

 We’ve identified Lead Generation as the most sought after service for SMEs when it comes to digital marketing. The reason for this is simple – leads convert to prospects, which then convert to sales.

Lead Generation is budget oriented, laser targeted, analytical, digital marketing.

We understand that in your world, as a small or medium size company, every cent counts and that optimizing for business results rather than branding and vanity metrics is far more important to you.

Lead Generation = Sales.

Lead Generation Solutions

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered

Google Adwords

Search Engine Optimisation

Email Marketing

Call to Action

Social Marketing

Let’s get together, share a coffee and find a way to propel your business forward. 

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