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We are Konsortium Solutions

Konsortium Solutions, established in 2016, was founded and owned by digital marketing professional, Shelley Kotze. Shelley has been working in the digital marketing industry since 2011. Throughout her years she has gained an in-depth understanding of the digital landscape and identified her passion for communication and a hands-on approach when it comes to client relationship management. Shelley’s experience in the industry has helped her identify a common issue, being that business owners and managers struggle to find specific suppliers of digital marketing that are trustworthy and powerful.




Years Experience

The idea of Konsortium Solutions arose.  A company that attends to the idea of effective client management through collective knowledge and advice on reliable digital marketing solutions. A place where SME’s can go for specific digital marketing needs and receive professional services that increases brand awareness, loyalty and sales for aspiring brands.

Konsortium Solutions aims to assist owners and managers who struggle to identify valuable online marketing services and introduce them to a network of professionals who completely understand the dynamics of the digital business environment.

Furthermore, Konsortium Solutions promotes peace of mind by eliminating time wasted on the struggle to source quality digital marketing services and allows managers and owners the freedom to divert their focus on other business related matters.

Konsortium Solutions manages a client’s project from the beginning phase right through to the end.

Our team selects a specific service provider that corresponds to the requirements of a brand, project or budget. The team of experts is introduced to our clients, offering not only their services, but also their guided support.

Our team consistently liaises with top class service providers and identifies key performance indicators to ensure industry standards are always met. Our open communication with professionals helps to constantly broaden our service offerings within the digital space.

Konsortium Solutions ensures that clients will receive services that are reliable, effective and focussed on return on investment (ROI). All the client has to do is meet up for a cup of coffee, explain their business objectives and our collective knowledge comprising of 20 years will identify an appropriate team that will ensure that your brand receives the quality it deserves.