Welcome to your brand’s digital marketing journey. A complete guide on how to start building an attractive online presence that increases brand awareness, generates leads and maintains your brand’s loyalty.


Our team tapped into the minds of our network of digital experts to evaluate exactly what start-up and aspiring brands require to make their online presence flourish. Our findings concluded with a constructive guide containing strategic digital marketing services that all brands should use to effectively construct an attractive brand that speaks directly to their target audience.


Start Building a Brand Identity:
Logo / Corporate colors / font

Creating the right brand identity is critical to the success and growth of your business. Sell your business to prospects with a compelling branding that sets you apart from the clichéd crowd, and clearly shows what you have to offer. Through creative elements your logo resonates with your products or services and you are on your way to developing a strong brand identity and build brand affinity and loyalty.



Get a Corporate Identity:
Business Cards / Letterheads / Email Signature, etc.

Having built a solid base for your brand identity with a relatable business logo, you can now go on to create a corporate identity that depicts professionalism. With clear visual branding elements infused in professional business cards, letterheads, internal communication documents, product packaging, email signature, signboards, etc., you are on your way to creating a corporate identity design that endears your business to customers.


Establish Your Digital Image:
Register Domain Name/Email and Website Hosting/Reserve Name On Social Media

A succinct representation online cannot be overemphasised! The bulk of your customers are online, and you must therefore establish an attractive digital image for your business. Customised domain names for your website, business email address, and social media handles that fully represent your business help establish a community of followers online, create social proof, and give your business credibility and a sense of professionalism.

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Expand Your Marketing Kit:
Flyers/Company Profile/Print Media

While establishing an online following with your website and social media engagement, it is also necessary to take advantage of offline marketing strategies. Expanding your marketing repertoire to include attractive business flyers that can be distributed around your location, as well as taking advantage of the print media to advertise your products and services to potential clients only help promote your business.


Build Your Digital Office / Store:
Website Development / Online Shop

Your website or online store is your major representation online. It is therefore imperative to make a good impression on prospects and customers with a compelling and converting website or online store. It is not enough to just have an attractive or functional website. Ensuring the security of your website with updated SSL certificates gives customers the confidence to transact business with you.



Track and Improve:
Google Analytics, Search Console / Conversion Tracking

The fate of your business rests on how well your marketing efforts go. It is therefore important to monitor and improve on your website’s search performances and traffic with Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Freshmarketer, a conversion optimization tool, helps you track visitor’s behavior in real time, and optimize your webpages for increasing conversion on the website.


Expand Your Digital Footprint:
Google My Business Profile Setup

Spreading your business tentacles and expanding your digital footprint require listing your business on Google My Business, the Yellow Pages, and classified/listing companies. Online business directories help drive traffic to your business by greatly improving visibility to your ideal local customers. Many listing companies including Facebook Marketplace, OLX, Gumtree, and Junk Mail SA make it easy for you to interact directly with local customers and get your goods and services directly to them.



Wow Them With Virtual:
360 Virtual Tours For Your Business or Products

You can finally bridge the gap between the offline and online world by letting visitors experience your brand, services or products with a 360 virtual tour. Take them through your shop, interact with your products and buy online as if they are standing in your brick and mortar office, shop, motor dealership, hotel, college and more.


Embrace The Power Of Networking: Find real leads through human networking on LinkedIn

To successfully build a LinkedIn presence, you need to add value, engage and connect on a consistent basis. All three aspects are time and resource intensive to maintain. Through our partnership with Easylink you can embraces the individual connection side of LinkedIn users where the hands on keyboard approach has proven to be the most effective way to
build relationships.

finding leads via linkedin


Search Engine Marketing:
Google Ads – Text / Display / Remarketing / Mobile

The continuous inflow of traffic to your website can be achieved with targeted search engine marketing (SEM). Getting relevant traffic by increasing your website visibility on search engines and around the internet, through Google ads and remarketing, is an effective way of growing your business and getting ahead of the competition. Paying for impressions directly resulting in visitors ensure for an efficient and effective marketing expenditure.


Talk to Your Market:
Mail blasts / Newsletters / Website updates / Email branding

Do you want the market to take heed and listen? Talk to it! Your customers need to be regularly updated with relevant news, promotions, and new activities. With periodic mail blasts, newsletters, and regular website updates that depict activity and progress, you are on your way to keeping your current customers in the know, and happy to continue doing business with you, as well as expanding your customer base. What’s more, with email branding, you catch the attention of your customers even more.



Improve Your Ranking:
Search Engine Optimization / Content Marketing

Ranking highest on search engines for keywords related to your business not only makes you an authority in the niche but guarantees that visitors are more likely to visit your website. Ensuring your website is search engine optimized improves your search ranking and gets you ahead of the competition. Also, with adequate content marketing, you are able to sufficiently drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and expand your customer base with consistent, valuable content.


Engage the User:
Chatbots / Unique Landing Pages

In the modern market, it is imperative to engage customers directly. Freshchat makes it easy for your business and customer engagement team to focus on a continuous and context-driven experience with customers. You can easily generate leads with a bot and engage with visitors proactively. Unique landing pages also capture your ideal customers and get them to take specific actions that lead to sales.



Get Social:
Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / YouTube / Twitter

Whatever your marketing budget, your wisest and most prudent efforts at growing and promoting your brand will be by taking full advantage of the power, reach, visibility, and appeal of social media usage. By getting social and using the various social media platforms right, you will be able to showcase your business’s commitment to customers, thereby building a loyal following and reaching more prospects. Getting in front of customers on various social media platforms greatly increases your sales potential and business growth.